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Medical and Scientific English: learn while listening using Voicebooks

A new, integrated resource for learning English for Medical purposes, featuring cutting-edge interactive listening tasks

Consigliato ai docenti universitari di inglese
Quandomartedì 5 lugliodalle ore 17.00 alle 18.00

Abstract: Join the authors on a journey through the use of “Medical and Scientific English”, a new English for Specific Purposes (ESP) course which begins with the language needed to discuss anatomy and physiology and the main branches of clinical medicine, moving on to the most prevalent diseases and their diagnostic tests and treatments. The book contains a wide range of relevant, varied and interesting reading and testing activities, with both traditional and cutting-edge Listening tasks, as well as diagram labelling and articles on recent findings in the world of Medicine. The compact text is delivered in an accessible style highlighting both lay and scientific terms, while a number of sample test questions for the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, IELTS Academic and the Cambridge Assessment English First and Advanced exams are provided in each Unit. All this is linked to further blended learning activities through Pearson’s dedicated MyLab online platform, where learners can also access Voicebooks, an exciting new learning approach using listening to acquire medical terminology, improve pronunciation, spelling and confidence with the spoken language that they will soon have to use professionally. Learners can even work in complete autonomy, as voicebook.cloud is designed as a learning environment for that substantial proportion of Italian students whose English listening and pronunciation skills need boosting (which traditional listening tests are not designed to do).

Relatori: Jacopo D’Andria Ursoleo is an expert in both Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Language Testing. He is author and editor of a wide range of ELT resources, with a particular focus on textbooks for English language exams and how best to prepare for them. 

Kate Gralton is author of a large number of ELT textbooks and exam training books. She is an English teacher based in Italy, specializing in both young learners and Business English. She is also a Cambridge English examiner at all levels.

Anthony Green has taught Medical and Veterinary English at the University of Bari since 1992, with a particular focus on listening skills. Author of numerous presentations at congresses and language conferences, he is also a teacher trainer and co-founder of the Voicebook.cloud web platform for interactive language learning through listening.

Domenico Bracciodieta has taught English Language and Culture at Upper secondary level for over 30 years. He is a teacher trainer, textbook writer, co-author of the history and anthology of Anglo-American literature “Sharing Worlds” for Laterza Editori, and Fulbright Fellow at UIC Chicago USA. He is one of the founders of Phonema srl, which develops the Voicebook.cloud web platform for interactive language learning through listening.



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